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Breastfeeding pads

Breastfeeding pads

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Breast pads


Product description: 

Camélia&Mimosa washable breastfeeding pads .

They will accompany you during your breastfeeding in order to absorb the flow of milk and avoid halos on your clothes.

Sold in pairs.

Our breastfeeding pads are composed of three layers, which absorb, protect your skin and your clothes.


  • 1 side very soft against the skin
  • 1 layer of absorbent sponge
  • 1 waterproof side to protect your clothes

The very soft cotton first layer protects your sometimes sensitive skin during breastfeeding. In the center an absorbent layer in Zorb, which keeps you dry. Then the third layer, PUL bra side. This layer is waterproof and does not leave marks on your clothes. The fabrics are Oeko Tex certified (they do not contain any toxic products that are dangerous for the skin).

Additional information:


Using advice:

    Place a washable breast pad in your bra after each feed. After use, put them to wash.


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