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Breastfeeding shells

Breastfeeding shells

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Pair of breastfeeding Shells

Product description: 

The shells prevent sensitive nipples from rubbing against the fabric of the bra.
Breastfeeding shells promote hydration and healing of the nipples by keeping the skin in contact with colostrum and breast milk using the wet healing method.


Additional information:

Size Small:

Breastfeeding shell up to 5.5 cm

Size Medium :

Breastfeeding shells between 5.5 cm and 6 cm

Size Large:

Breastfeeding shells larger than 6 cm


Using advice:

After feeding, generously spread a few drops of your end-of-feeding milk on your nipples. Place the breastfeeding shells inside the bra.

In case of abundant milk flow, it is possible to use breastfeeding pads over the shells.

Wash the shells regularly with hot water and soap.


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