Tee-shirt d'allaitement "Cookie"

Breastfeeding, spring 2023, what are we wearing?

It's spring, the days are longer, the sun is hot, we really want to go out with baby.
Yes, but how do we dress? Because baby will want to breastfeed .

Already we favor an outfit in which we feel good, in which we are comfortable. Because take out the cozy, unfold the stroller... You know 😏

You can either opt for what you have in your wardrobe, such as the basic "shirt-tank top".
Laaaargely tested on my side for my 2 breastfeedings.

And if not, if you want to be a little more comfortable, a little more discreet, like the girlfriends who tell you "ah but he eats there??!"
We recommend our great new "Cookie" breastfeeding t-shirt 🤩

"cookie" breastfeeding t-shirt

Its honey yellow color makes it a great t-shirt that smells of spring and the sun.
And his embroidery too cabbage we talk about it?
A discreet latte break for baby and mum.

"Cookie" breastfeeding t-shirt
As with the entire Camélia&Mimosa collection of breastfeeding clothes , there are 2 invisible zip openings .

So if you too want to be a stylish mum on the terrace, in the sun with your baby, don't hesitate any longer, the "Cookie" t-shirt is what you need. 😍
Find this model and others on our online store.
See you soon. 🫶
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